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What should be paid attention to when using prefabricated houses
2024-02-24 20:09:16

苏州Suzhou Anshiju Integrated Housing Technology Co.container house factory

With the continuous heating up of the prefabricated housing market, the current domestic temporary construction market is relatively chaotic, with varying quality of houses, and some of them are not up to standard, resulting in safety and quality accidents from time to time. Some suddenly collapse during use, some are blown by the wind, some are burned down by fire, and so on, causing unnecessary losses. Therefore, it is worth paying attention to the safe use of prefabricated houses.

The practical experience at home and abroad has proven that lightweight steel structure composite movable panel houses are a promising new technology and product. However, due to their short application time in China, there is a lack of management in design standards and processing quality. The main problems reflected in use include roof leakage, poor processing and installation quality of steel components such as columns, beams, and roof trusses, corrosion of steel components, poor fire resistance, and so on. These issues are closely related to the non-standard design and processing of light steel structure composite prefabricated houses.

At present, it is necessary to resolve the design basis and product standards issues as soon as possible. The light steel structure combination movable board house belongs to temporary buildings. According to the standard "Unified Standard for Reliability Design of Building Structures" GB50068-2001, the designed service life of the movable board house is 5 years. The structure should meet the functional requirements of safety, applicability, and durability within the specified design service life. To ensure that the building structure has the specified reliability, in addition to necessary design calculations, material performance, construction quality Control the use and maintenance accordingly. The specific requirements for control should comply with the specialized provisions of relevant design and construction standards.

In order to promote the healthy development of the lightweight steel structure combination prefabricated house product, it is currently important to conduct research on the fire resistance performance of the prefabricated house, such as whether the insulation material can be changed to rock wool with good fire resistance performance, and conduct necessary fire resistance tests on the improved parts; Organize the preparation of the standard for light steel structure combination movable board houses as soon as possible, so that the design, production, installation, and use of this product have rules to follow; Organize the preparation of a general or standard atlas of light steel structure combination prefabricated houses as soon as possible to standardize the market and ensure quality. Although this kind of housing product is small, simple and not valued, it will also cause losses and be eliminated if it is allowed to suffer from Cut throat competition.

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