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Precautions for using the packing box room
2024-02-24 20:10:48

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Precautions for using the packing box room:

After the installation of the packaging box room is completed, it is not recommended for users to replace the structure without authorization, remove bolt components, and increase or reduce partitions. When changes are needed, they should be negotiated and communicated with the installation personnel before making the changes.

2. Light steel structural components are repaired every 1-2 years to extend product life and maintain the aesthetics of the activity room.

The steel structure of the activity room is connected to the entire building. The user arranges electrical lighting equipment. Electric wires cannot be directly tied to steel structures. To avoid electric shock and endanger the safety of life and property, it is necessary to isolate and install pipelines or trenches.

Packaging box house is a building form that quickly assembles the load-bearing structures represented by steel structures in the factory's prefabricated walls and roofs into a set of houses according to design requirements. Its characteristics are standardized, modular, and universal production, easy to disassemble and store, and can be reused multiple times.

Packaging box room is a movable and reusable building product. The product adopts modular design and factory production. The box is a basic unit that can be used independently. It can also form a spacious usage space through different combinations of horizontal and vertical directions, with a maximum overlap of three layers in the vertical direction. The packing box room is a standard component welded by special pressure galvanized steel. The boxes are connected by bolts, which is simple in structure, convenient in installation and does not produce Construction waste.

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