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What is the difference between fast consolidation and packing boxes?
2024-02-24 20:06:07

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The fast assembly type container activity room is also known as "fast consolidation". "Packaging box" evolved from the export type container house, and its major difference from fast consolidation is the form of frame connection. Fast consolidation box connects the column and top and bottom beams through fastening screws, while packaging box connects the column and top and bottom beams through welding. So the time for assembling packaging boxes is much longer than that of fast packaging boxes. Of course, packaging boxes are slightly better in terms of strength and waterproofing. However, after years of practice and improvement, packaging boxes can also achieve complete waterproofing and leak prevention. Therefore, the application of fast packaging boxes in the market is far greater than that of packaging boxes. After optimizing the design of box house materials, it has gradually become suitable for construction sites in China. Especially in 2017, many construction sites in China adopted this type of fast assembly container mobile house. It is characterized by convenient transportation and installation, beautiful and atmospheric appearance, and can be made into a three story tall building with good seismic performance.

Taking the 3X6 meter fast assembly container house in the domestic market as an example, the main materials include 4 columns. There are four crossbeams in each of the upper and lower frames, and eight corner pieces, also known as corner pieces. There are a total of 64 screws connecting the corner head, frame, and column. 4 groove plates. 9 secondary crossbeams of the bottom frame. The wall panel and top plate are made of double-sided color steel plates with intermediate rock wool insulation layer. Some high-end box houses also have specialized drainage pipes hidden in four pillars, which improve the potential for water leakage in the house. Unlike ordinary container houses, water flows are scattered around the top. All frame profiles are rolled and formed using hot-dip galvanized steel plates, and the top beam comes with a drainage ditch, which ensures the firmness of the house and makes the appearance of the house more beautiful, giving people a sense of firmness and safety. Frames and corners are not something that ordinary factories can produce. The frame uses a specific molding machine to directly press the steel strip out. The thickness varies from 2mm to 3mm. Has good resistance to bending and compression. Therefore, this requires high quality and accuracy for the molding equipment.

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