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Common Problem Steel Structure Design and Construction
2024-02-24 21:25:30

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What problems typically occur during the design and construction stages of steel structures? This is mainly because the following will explain the knowledge content in this area, so this question is used as an introduction to introduce the following content. And more importantly, through the following learning, we can enhance our understanding and understanding of the steel structure product, which is beneficial to us. Therefore, why not study and master it seriously to avoid missing out on this great opportunity for learning.

The problems that may arise during the design and construction of steel structures include:

1、 If there is a gutter in its structure, the tie rod cannot be tightly attached to the top column, otherwise there is no way to install the downpipe, which can cause problems.

2、 The position of high-strength bolts in steel structures should be reasonable, and there should be room for tightening and other operations. If possible, it should be arranged symmetrically from top to bottom as much as possible to achieve better results.

3、 The layout plan of roof purlins should be carefully checked with the detailed drawing of steel beams to avoid discrepancies in quantity.

4、 Pay attention to the presence of stiffeners on the node plate to avoid deformation during welding.

5、 The types of materials used should be as few as possible, as cost considerations should be taken into account

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