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How many levels of wind can a prefabricated house withstand?
2024-06-20 11:30:32

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How many levels of wind can a prefabricated house withstand?

Normal level 10 wind with typhoon prevention measures can reach levels 12-14

As a temporary construction made of steel materials, most users believe that prefabricated houses can only be used in good weather conditions. When it rains, I am afraid of leakage, when it thunders, I am afraid of electric shock, and when there is a strong wind, I am even more afraid of the house being blown away. In fact, these concerns are not unreasonable, but currently, due to the technological development of prefabricated houses, these have been able to achieve effective results. For temporary housing, a common issue is its stability. If strong winds blow away, this is the most important concern for people. Therefore, today we will introduce how to make a prefabricated house to ensure its resistance to strong winds.

1、 Choose the installation location. For example, do not install it in a place like the mountaintop.

2、 Prepare the foundation. When installing a prefabricated house, we should prepare the foundation well.

3、 Do a good job of splicing. When splicing, the joint points should be made sturdy. The ordinary foundation refers to the small batch of soil that bears the load impact of the upper structure. The foundation is not part of the construction, but it has a crucial effect on ensuring the close and long-lasting connection of the archway. Therefore, we have four requirements for the foundation:

1. Strength - The foundation must have sufficient bearing capacity so that the house will not collapse;

2. Deformation - The settlement of the foundation should be controlled within a certain range and should not cause building settlement;

3. The settlement difference of different parts of the foundation should not be too large, otherwise cracks and deformation will occur in the upper part of the archway;

4. Stability - The foundation should have experience in avoiding the occurrence of overturning and instability, and should be kept in a solid and hard place without bumps. Suzhou activity room

As long as the above points are ensured, combined with the treatment of foundation hardness during construction, the constructed mobile house is quite sturdy. Our activity rooms are guaranteed in terms of safety and stability, and these customers can consult when purchasing activity rooms. Activity rooms are currently being accepted by more and more people, and their quality and safety have been affirmed.


How to make the construction of prefabricated houses more effective?

The successful elements of building a prefabricated house depend on the following factors. Let's take a look.

Mobile housing is rapidly becoming one of the best ways for people to build new houses. Especially those who have decided to build their own homes. The use of prefabricated houses in residential buildings provides unparalleled advantages over on-site construction, including lower costs, faster construction time, higher quality buildings, and simpler construction processes.

1、 Determine the characteristics of your prefabricated home family, including size/style/budget/area, and other standards.

2、 Find a local prefabricated house builder responsible for the main construction steps in the assembly process of prefabricated houses. You can decide to have them do some or all of the work, depending on your goals.

3、 Check the plan and manufacturer's design with the builder and ensure they match the early features and standards you want. A good builder will help you understand this process and guide you in solving the problems and pitfalls you want to pay attention to.

4、 Before starting any construction, if it is still necessary to ensure financing for buildings, prefabricated buildings, and sites.

5、 Coordinate the construction progress with your builder and any subcontractors or suppliers you need to complete the construction.

6、 Once all the financing, scheduling, and contractors are in place, it's time to start assembling your prefabricated house.

7、 Start with site preparation and basic work. Suzhou activity room

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