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Pay attention to construction specifications when constructing light steel composite houses
2024-02-24 20:45:29

苏州container house

During the construction of light steel composite houses, there must be construction technical specifications and procedures to ensure high construction quality. All operators participating in the construction must undergo technical and operational training before they can start work, and must hold a certificate. Before construction of each type of work and each process, a written explanation must be provided by the construction leader before construction operations can be carried out.

It is strictly prohibited to drag and pull wires indiscriminately, and it is strictly prohibited for personnel who do not understand mechanical and electrical equipment to open or move mechanical equipment indiscriminately to avoid major accidents. Stop construction work when encountering adverse weather and wait for the weather to improve before continuing work. Various equipment and materials should be kept as far away from the operating area as possible to avoid material damage. Therefore, during construction, attention should be paid to various rules and regulations to ensure that the construction proceeds normally and can be completed within the specified time.

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