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How to Identify the Quality of Container Houses
2024-02-24 21:05:13

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With the development of the economy, container houses can be seen everywhere, and various types of container houses emerge endlessly. So how to distinguish the quality of container houses

The main materials for container activity rooms are channel steel for frames and sandwich panels for walls and ceilings. The quality of these two types of quality directly affects the quality of container activity rooms. The difference in channel steel is mainly reflected in the thickness of the channel steel. Although some manufacturers may not have significant surface differences in residential containers, the thickness of the channel steel varies, and the load-bearing capacity of the produced residential containers also varies. Some residential containers can be stacked in three layers and can withstand high pressure, while others can only be stacked in two layers and cannot withstand the pressure caused by stacking three layers.

The thickness of the channel steel is not enough, and it is prone to bending when subjected to pressure. The living container activity room is prone to deformation, affecting the corresponding service life. This type of container activity room cannot be seen to change in a short period of time, but over time, it is prone to deformation, collapse, and other problems, which may endanger the people inside the container activity room. Therefore, there are certain standards for the selection of channel steel for residential containers, and it is not advisable to use lower than standard channel steel materials due to cost savings, which can easily lead to problems.

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