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What are the types of prefabricated houses?
2024-02-24 20:28:35

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What are the types of prefabricated houses?

In real life, prefabricated houses generally appear on construction sites, but most of the prefabricated houses we see are different. So what are their specific classifications? Today, let's take a look.

1. Cement activity room

Suitable for offices or migrant workers' dormitories at various construction sites. It can also be used for adding layers to flat roofs and warehouses.

The load-bearing system of this cement activity room product is a steel structure, which is safe and reliable. The wall is made of double-layer steel mesh, lightweight insulation material, and high-end cement prefabricated composite board. It has insulation, light weight, high strength, and the top mechanism cement tile and outer wall surface are all painted with colored water. The inner wall surface is made of high-end plastic pattern wallpaper, and the interior is suspended with aluminum alloy keel gypsum board. It is beautiful and novel, convenient for transportation and installation, and steel windows and doors Glass and locks are fully equipped and responsible for transportation and installation.

2. Phosphorus magnesium activity room

Phosphorus magnesium activity houses are the most affordable, lightweight, and easily constructed activity houses in the mobile housing market. It has unique effects of waterproof, fireproof, shockproof, and anti-corrosion. The board is made of polystyrene and core material, fully achieving insulation effect. The standard width is 5 meters, the length is 12 meters, and the weight exceeds 2 tons. Specially shaped rooms can be designed and constructed according to user requirements, suitable for temporary housing of construction units.

3. Colored steel plate activity room

The color steel plate activity room belongs to light steel structure, and the wall is made of color steel plate coated polyethylene foam sandwich composite board.

The product size and space can be determined according to needs, with a lifespan of up to 10? 20 years old, with insulation and aesthetic appearance, the interior can be treated as a decorative ceiling.


What basic requirements should be paid attention to when building prefabricated houses?

In order to ensure the installation schedule, quality, and cleanliness and aesthetics after installation, while making the foundation, the indoor floor is also poured together, with the same horizontal height as the foundation. After the installation of the board room, Party A will lay the floor indoors, which is both convenient and tidy, and will not affect the quality and appearance of the board room. The height of the indoor floor should be 50MM higher than the basic horizontal height. To ensure that rainwater does not flow into the interior and the firmness of the floor beams.

1. The hardness of the foundation: Before pouring the foundation, Party A must measure the hardness of the foundation in advance. If there is a special terrain or there is a significant difference in the hardness of the foundation, special treatment must be carried out to ensure the smooth installation of the prefabricated house and ensure the quality after installation. How to handle the special treatment? Communicate with the technical department.

2. Level of foundation: When pouring the foundation, it is necessary to measure the level well. After pouring the foundation, the level error should be controlled within 10MM. When communicating with Party A or after the completion of the foundation, Party A is required to ensure that the foundation level is within the error range. Otherwise, Party A shall be responsible for any impact on the installation of the prefabricated house or the quality after the installation of the prefabricated house.

3. Concrete grade: The standard board house foundation is C20. Generally, there is no steel reinforcement inside, such as special terrain, foundation conditions, or special requirements for prefabricated houses. The above is an introduction to the basic requirements that need to be paid attention to when building prefabricated houses in Suzhou.

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