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Requirements for hardware accessories for the installation of prefabricated houses
2024-02-24 20:04:29

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Customized high-quality prefabricated houses are reflected in the details by professional container house customization companies. The smallest part is the installation of these hardware accessories. The quality of hardware accessories can also affect the installation quality of prefabricated houses. Suzhou prefabricated house professional customization companies have very strict requirements for the quality of hardware accessories:

1. Hardware components should be assembled from reliable and reputable manufacturers, and there should be no looseness or jamming at the sliding parts that affect their performance.

2. The outer wheel gallery should not have cracks, burrs, or mechanical damage, and the paint film and coating should not fall off.

3. The nail end must be round and smooth, and should not be higher than the surface of the assembly. The rivet should be firm and not loose.

4. The lock, window lock structure, and bolt should be flexible in opening and closing, with complete appearance and no obvious defects that affect aesthetics.

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