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Installation diagram of prefabricated house
2024-06-20 10:08:58

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Installation diagram of Suzhou prefabricated house

Rules for calculating the area of activity rooms (nationwide):

1. The area of a prefabricated house is calculated by multiplying the length and width of the outer wall by the number of floors;

2. Outdoor stairs and walkways are calculated based on the projected area of the natural floor;

3. The canopy is calculated based on 0.5 times the horizontal projected area;

4. Total area=1+2+3 above

The installation steps include:

1. Dig trenches and start building foundations, some with brick foundations and some with concrete foundations.

2. Steel frame installation

3. If it is a multi-layer structure, install prefabricated floor slabs

4. Color steel plate installation

5. Door and window installation

6. Interior decoration

Precautions for use:

1. Do not arbitrarily or attempt to disassemble any screws or components.

2. The indoor floor should be 50mm higher than the outdoor level, and a drainage ditch should be built outdoors.

3. Non professional personnel are not allowed to change any structure of the prefabricated house.

4. The load value per square meter of the floor shall not exceed the specified static load and load standards.

5. Please do not use open flame stoves indoors.

6. Please do not jump or run upstairs. When using doors and windows, please gently push and close them.

7. For steel components that are prone to corrosion, regular maintenance work such as rust removal, painting, and refurbishment should be carried out.

8. It is not recommended for users to install toilets in activity rooms. If it is necessary to install toilets in activity rooms, please take anti-corrosion and waterproof measures.


What are the key points to pay attention to when selecting suitable activity rooms?

Nowadays, the South Activity Room is an essential place for workers to live on many construction sites, which is of great significance for ensuring the safety of workers. There are various types of activity rooms on the market, and there are also many types of materials available. It is recommended that you choose high-quality and low-cost materials, such as color steel plates, light steel structures, etc., which are currently popular among the public.

1. Good quality

This is the most important thing. After all, the activity room is for people to live in, so it is crucial for quality. While ensuring quality, it can also make the appearance more beautiful, so that workers will be more comfortable when living, which also needs to be considered.

2. Good fire resistance

For activity rooms, it is best to have the need for fire resistance. Fire resistant rock wool boards can be chosen, and steel structures can be chosen in terms of structure. This is also a mainstream material nowadays. No matter which link it is, it is necessary to be prepared and pay attention to the consideration of various key points. If neglected, it may create safety hazards.

3. Good equipment foundation

After having good materials, it is also necessary to have a good equipment foundation. The components of these foundations need to be firmly connected to the overall structure, and can be firmly connected together. In the second phase, there should be no gaps in the connection area, and at the same time, it is necessary to achieve good waterproof and sealing performance. As long as these conditions are met, it can be used with confidence.

4. Complete door and window equipment

When selecting the south activity room, it is also necessary to pay attention to whether the surface doors and windows are clean, flat, without rust, and there are no bruises. When using sealing rings, it is best to use rubber seals to ensure that there are no grooves around.

When decorating door and window accessories, it is necessary to maintain a horizontal and vertical position, and there should be a certain degree of elasticity in the setting of hole walls. If the design is to be met, there should be standardization in terms of quantity, direction, and other aspects.

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