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What are the types of activity rooms in Suzhou?
2024-02-24 21:40:48

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Types of activity rooms in Suzhou

Activity room classification:

1. Colored steel activity room

2. Single slope and double slope activity rooms

3. Container activity room

4. Suspended activity room

5. Assembled activity room

6. Prefabricated activity room

Materials for activity rooms

The color steel plate in the type of activity room The color steel plate used in the activity room is an ultra light building plate made of color coated steel plate as the surface material, self extinguishing polystyrene, polyurethane, Glass wool, rock wool as the core material, and heat cured adhesive in the continuous molding machine Negage and pressing. It has the following characteristics:

1. Diversified specifications: such as enterprise type, H-type, C-type, corrugated type, etc., with bright colors and no need for surface decoration.

2. Flexible and convenient installation: the color steel composite plate not only greatly reduces the cost of the foundation engineering and Structural engineering of the building, but also can be disassembled for many times. The construction and installation are flexible and convenient, and the comprehensive benefits are very significant.

3. Good fire resistance: The core material of the color steel plate is A1 grade refractory material, with an oxygen index of ≥ 26. It will not melt during combustion, and there is no black smoke or high-temperature decomposition droplets. It is a high-grade fireproof building decorative composite board in China, and is the preferred decorative board for GMP factories.

4. Wide temperature range: Color steel plate core materials can be used at temperatures ranging from -70 ℃ to+120 ℃, instantly reaching+200 ℃. When used in low or even ultra-low temperature environments, they have small shrinkage and are not brittle, making them ideal for deep cooling (cold storage) engineering

5. Low thermal conductivity( λ<= 0.041w/mk), with thermal insulation performance.

6. Non toxic and odorless: the core material of color steel plate does not use Freon foaming agent. It is non-toxic and odorless when burning. The spilled gas is harmless to human body and the environment. It meets the national environmental protection requirements. It is a new type of green environmental protection building material.

7. Waterproof and moisture-proof: The color steel plate core material belongs to organic polymer foam material, with a closed cell structure and good water absorption resistance and water vapor permeability resistance.

8. Lightweight (1/20-1/30 of the weight of the concrete roof), thermal insulation (with a thermal conductivity coefficient of 0.034W/mk), fast construction speed (no wet work, no secondary decoration, construction period can be shortened by more than 40%), bright color (no surface decoration required, color galvanized steel plate anti-corrosion layer retention period of 15-30 years), is a new type of enclosure structure material that integrates load-bearing, thermal insulation, waterproofing, and decoration.


Manufacturing process of activity rooms

1、 Welding of activity room framework

The steel frame chassis is first welded with 140 * 50 channel steel around, and the crossbeams of the 3m * 6m residential container activity room chassis are all welded with 4 * 8 * 2.0 square steel with a spacing of 35 centimeters. The six columns of the house and the four ring beams of the roof are all fully welded with 5 * 5 * 2.0 square steel.

2、 Splicing of color steel plates

The wall panel and roof panel of this type of house are all made of 50mm thick purification board, both sides are white, the standard size of the window is 930 * 1000 sliding window, the size of the guard specially made color steel plate door is 930 * 2000, and the chassis is all made of 18mm thick building formwork, so the bearing capacity is 200kg per square meter.

3、 Laying the floor

After the main structure of the house is installed, a layer of high-end floor leather should be laid on the chassis ground, which has a warm, high-end, clean, and waterproof effect.

4、 Install lighting facilities and air conditioning holes

Generally, lighting fixtures are installed in the middle of the house, switches are installed next to the door, sockets are installed 60 centimeters above the ground, and air conditioning holes are opened diagonally opposite the door.

5、 Install anti-theft net and seal the gaps

The final step is to install the window anti-theft net and apply the waterproof adhesive for the window doors and roof panels. The waterproof adhesive for the roof panels must be made of glass curtain wall waterproof adhesive, because ordinary adhesive can withstand wind and rain over time, and its waterproof performance can only last for half a year. The waterproof performance of glass curtain wall adhesive is more than 5-6 times stronger than traditional adhesive.

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