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What are the materials for the activity room?
2024-07-25 20:30:48

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What are the materials for the activity room?

A prefabricated house is an environmentally friendly and economical prefabricated house with light steel as the skeleton, sandwich panels as the enclosure material, standard module series for spatial integration, and bolted components. It can be easily and quickly assembled and disassembled, realizing the general standardization of temporary buildings, establishing the building concept of environmental protection, energy saving, fast and efficient, and making Emergency shelter enter the field of series development, integrated production, supporting supply, inventory and reusable stereotyped products.

It is a color steel sandwich panel: the outer layer is a high-strength color steel plate, and the inner layer is a lightweight thermal insulation material polystyrene foam. The color steel plate is profiled by an automated continuous molding machine and then bonded with high-strength adhesive. It is a new efficient building material, which has excellent properties such as light weight, high mechanical strength, heat insulation, sound insulation, corrosion resistance, water vapor penetration resistance and climate resistance.

The wall material is a "sandwich wall" composed of two high-strength white steel plates (the steel plate is sandwiched with a layer of polystyrene foam plastic). The wall has been painted white, and the four sides are reinforced with steel. "Corrugated boards are used for the roof, and color steel Sandwich board are used for the wall. This kind of portable board house has the advantages of heat preservation, heat insulation, waterproof, and earthquake resistance

There are two main types of activity rooms used on the construction site, one is sloping roof and the other is flat roof.

The top of the slope is a plug-in type with C-shaped steel columns. The roof is usually made of 2CM thick PU tiles, with single-layer color steel tiles and foam materials, as well as large wave tiles, which are double-sided color steel and foam materials. The total thickness is about 5cm or 7.5cm, and there are also 10cm. The enclosure is usually a 5cm double-sided color steel sandwich panel. The thickness of these color steel plates is generally between 0.256-0.326mm, and of course, there are also thicker or thinner ones, which may vary in price. The floor slab is usually made of 15mm wooden plywood.

The flat top is a vertical plate type, while the single-layer does not have a steel skeleton. The double-layer usually has a skeleton made of I-beam or channel steel on the first floor, and there is no steel skeleton on the second floor. This type of roof is usually made of 5cM-10cm large corrugated tiles, and the enclosure is usually made of 5cM-10cm double-sided color steel sandwich panels. The floor slab, like the slope top, is made of wooden plywood.

For some luxury models, you can lay another layer of floor tiles on the floor slab, or replace the floor slab with a steel floor support plate and pour cement. These methods can be used for at least 8-10 years and have good sound insulation effects.


How to use activity rooms correctly on construction sites?

Suzhou Anshiju Integrated Housing Technology Co., Ltd. will introduce the requirements for using color steel activity rooms on construction sites.

Firstly, the requirement for the number of people is 8-10, as overcrowding can increase the risk of collapse.

Next, during the production of activity rooms, it is not allowed to cut corners and meet various technical standards.

Secondly, it is best not to demolish or rebuild more than 3 times, as the safety performance and user experience will not be satisfactory if the number of times is too high.

Finally, the total usage time of Suzhou activity rooms cannot exceed 5 years on the construction site. How to use Shijiazhuang activity rooms correctly on the construction site is the same as the service life of activity rooms in general.

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