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Precautions for the design and installation of color steel activity rooms
2024-02-24 20:13:07

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We will see many houses in the places where we build houses, which are different from the ones we live in daily life. These houses are temporary and usually used as worker dormitories or some workshops, etc. These are called color steel activity rooms. These activity rooms not only meet the needs of a certain space, but also can be reused, reducing costs to a certain extent. Therefore, many places now build color steel activity rooms, What should we pay attention to when designing and installing the color steel activity room? Let's take a look together.

What is a color steel activity room

The color steel activity room is made by using light steel as the skeleton, adding some fence materials, and then connecting and fixing with bolts after a certain combination. Colored steel activity rooms are more environmentally friendly and energy-efficient, and they are also faster and more efficient.

The color steel activity room not only has a beautiful appearance, but also is more economical and applicable, with a relatively cheaper price. It also has the function of preventing typhoons and earthquakes, thermal insulation and moisture-proof, and is easy to disassemble. This greatly shortens the installation period, especially suitable for some emergency projects.

What should be paid attention to when designing and installing color steel activity rooms

The color steel activity room needs to be exposed to sunlight and wind and rain all year round, and the oxygen and water in nature can cause corrosion to the color steel activity room, especially the sulfur dioxide in the air, which is more corrosive. Therefore, when designing a color steel activity room, anti-corrosion should be considered. Currently, the main method of anti-corrosion is to use a protective layer and spray anti rust paint.

When designing the color steel activity room, it is also necessary to consider the changes in the components near the nodes, especially at some major nodes, otherwise it will affect the entire structure of the activity room. After a series of studies, it has been shown that the best connection method is close to hinge joint, so that the force is more uniform and more sturdy.

During the actual production, transportation, and disassembly process of the color steel activity room, there will definitely be deformation. If we do not conduct inspection after deformation, there will be problems when reinstalling it. Therefore, when designing, we must first specify acceptable deformation limits to ensure the safety of the structure.

When installing the color steel plate activity room, attention should be paid to whether the surrounding environment is suitable. If there are two layers, attention should be paid to the need for embedded welding between the two layers. The installation should be carried out according to the design requirements, and there should be no leakage or false welding.

If it is a high-altitude operation, safety devices must be worn during installation. Carry out anti-corrosion and drainage treatment to prevent water leakage.

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